Toshiba Youth Club Asia (TYCA) is a program that aims at creating a network of young Asian leaders who in the future will work towards building and strengthening peace and harmony in the Asia-Pacific region.

Selected High School students from Southeast Asian countries and Japan take part in an all-expense paid, one-week Exchange Camp in Tokyo.

During the program, the participants exchange views with each other and think about issues that will impact our future, such as world energy, sustainability, advanced technological solutions and others.

General Goals

  1. To raise young people’s interest and passion for Japan.
  2. Encourage students to develop their information analysis and communication skills
  3. To create an Asian network of young leaders for Peace and Harmony

Participating Countries

Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan

Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan

Organizers:Toshiba International Foundation, ASJA International
Collaborators: ASCOJA
Production: NPO BeGood Cafe