TYCA Vol.2 Report

Toshiba Youth Club Asia Vol.2 was held in Tokyo, Japan from 19th – 26th December 2015.
The participants this time are from Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan.



DAY-1 “Ice-Break”

The participants from Brunei landed in Japan



The participants from Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand arrived in Japan!

After all the participants has arrived at the venue, Yoyogi Olympic Center, Mr. Makoto Shirai, the president of TIFO explained the key objectives of the program:
•History of the program
•Key word –Asian vision 2035(20 Years vision from now)
•Objective-To share this vision

The organisor TIFO’s main aim is that “Promoting intercultural exchange and Japanese culture and Connect Japan to the world”



DAY-2  “Diversity”

The participants from Thailand are introducing their country, cultures, and tradition
The participants from Thailand are introducing their country, cultures, and tradition

Throughout the morning, the students introduced and presented their Pre-Assignments  by each country : “Life of my town” and “Thank you in my language” using PowerPoint. Exchanging their cultural similarities and differences in Asian religion, sharing their prospective or opinions by questioning and answering as well.

In the afternoon, the Danish lecturer Peter David Pedersen, talked about “Social Entrepreneurship”  through his experiences which he has learnt. He also shared the “5 golden rules” to expand the student’s motivations:

1. Stay positive
2. Make a difference
3. Action reads results
4. Be creative
5. We are not here to meet expectations, our goal is to exceed expectations


The day continues…


After Mr. Shirai explained about the key points for the Final Presentation, “TYCA Asian Vision 2035”, the students worked on their E-Journal in each group.



DAY-3 “Environment&Development”

Team A posing “T.Y.C.A” at the entrance of Meiji Shrine

The day starts on a Lecture by Kimiko Hirata from Kiko network( Japanese Climate Action Network), mainly focusing on  Global Warming nowadays in the world. Ms. Hirata asked the participants “What the global issues we face are and why we face them”? The participants watched videos of Sevan Suzuki, Leonardo DiCaprio had discussions.


After the lunch, Mr.Shirai gave the participants a short lecture about the Meiji Shrine and how the area developed into a wild nature. They were told to be separated into the groups then headed to the Shrine by metro. Walking through the shrine was a good experience.


Coming back to the Center by walking, the next activity was “Logy&Nomy” the educational-thinking board-game/tool. Ms Kishi Misato from Keio University was the one of inventors of the tool, the former students of Keio highschool came to support the facilitating as well.

The participants seemed to be enjoyed very much of the Logy&Nomy.

The last lecture of the day was about Technology by Prof. Naoki Ishibashi. To give the students ideas of what they will be learnt the next day.

His questions especially “Where technologies come from and where technologies will go?” was a very interesting for all of us.

The day ends as usual by editing of E-Journal of the day in each group!


See more on the video!



DAY-4 “Technology&Social Innovation”

At the entrance of Toshiba Science Museum in Kawasaki

All the participants headed to the Toshiba Science Museum.
Mission of Toshiba’s science museum:
•Hands on experience of cutting edge technology/history and science
•Contribute to science and technology education
•Preservation and exhibition of industrial heritage.
Tour around museum showing the participants how Toshiba’s technologies have developed throughout history and future potential technologies.


After having Korean Bento for lunch, the expert of trains Mr. Taku Hatakeyama gave them a short lecture and tips/history of Shinkansen. Arrived at Shin-Yokohama Station, they enjoyed riding on the Shinkansen the Japanese bullet train to Tokyo station.

There was a short lecture about history of Tokyo station by Mr. Hatakeyama at the KITTE building in Tokyo. The participants had little breaks at the building as well.

Came back to the center. Workshop by Prof. Ishibashi to combine the students ideas and opinions of what they have learnt of the day “Technology and Social Innovation”. Also for their Final Presentation in terms of the theme “TYCA Asian Vision 2035”



DAY-5 “Understanding in Depth 1”

With the participants(graduated students) from the University of Tokyo.

All the participants had breakfast on the bus and arrived at the University of Tokyo, where the first activity of the day, “Discussion” was held at.
There were 5 post-graduated people from Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and the US.
Each of them presented their major or academic skills regarding Asian economic growth.


Lunch time at Rito Kitchen, it is managed by the tourism association of Amacho, Oki-island from Shimane prefecture.

The lunch menu(following) seemed to be very special and unique for the participants and they looked happy for the presentation and tastes:
-Fresh oyster
-Rice and Osuimono(Soup)
-Fresh squid(shimame) marinated in soy sauce
-Variety of deep fried sea food
-Apple juice
-Fukugi tea


Back to the Yoyogi Olympic Center, the students started preparing their presentation in each group.
Mr. Shirai also gave the students important tips and the guides:

-Review and refine vision 2035
-Create vision 2035
-Set the theme which you want to challenge by your international team for 2035

1.TYCA Asian Vision 2035
2.Proposal to society
3.Actions of our selves



DAY-6 “Understanding in Depth 2”


Morning breaks at the Yoyogi Olympic Center

Participants stayed indoor all day to prepare for next Day’s Final Presentations and the preparation continues.

The participants mainly worked on making their Power Point presentation.


Practicing of KinnyaMonyaDance also continues by each team in between the preparation.
They wore the special costume (Happi) which were brought from Oki-Dozen island and each team had their practice for the dance contest on the DAY-7.


It was Christmas day this day, also birthday(s) of 2 students from Brunei and Indonesia.
There were technically 3 surprises by the staff after the Check-out of the day –the first was Santa Cruise, second was giving the little gifts from secret santa…



DAY-7 “Final Presentation”

Before the Final Presentation. Flags of participating countries



On the final day, the guests from variety of organizations or schools including Professor. Nishizawafrom the University of Tokyo and Professor. Ishibashi attended to see the Final Presentation by the students.
Each group; T, Y, C, and A presented their final presentations considering on the theme “TYCA Asian Vision 2035”. The titles of each presentation are below:


Group T: “Creating a stable and sustainable society”

to create a steady and sustainable society in Asia through cooperation and the empowerment of youth.


Group Y: “Tranquil and peaceful Asia”

to create a sustainable tranquil society while peacefully developing every nation in Asia.


Group C: “Enhancing global consciousness on environmental problems”

to enhance the global consciousness on environmental problems through education.


Group A: “To improve the economy of Japan and ASEAN”

to improve the economy of Japan and of ASEAN in next 20 years by emphasizing knowledge on Science and Environment.


After the lunch, all the students had free time and headed to Harajuku in one group!

The dinner tonight was special for the farewell at Cafe Friends. Kampai time, Showing the memory of past days, exchanging their souvenirs from their country etc…it certainly needed 2 more hours to be ended!



DAY-8 “Departure”

Farewell to the ASEAN participants

Very early morning, the participants from ASEAN checked out and all the participants got together at the bus stop to farewell. They promised each other to keep in touch and stay connected for the future.


It is not the hardest thing to see each other again in the future, maybe not in Japan next time but somewhere in the world…


Let’s stay connected!