TYCA Vol.4 Report

Toshiba Youth Club Asia Vol.4 was held in Tokyo, Japan from Friday 22nd – Monday 29th December 2017.



DAY-1 “Arrival & Orientation”



After safely arriving to Japan, the TYCA participants enjoyed a global view of Tokyo right after their arrival at the airport, then headed to the main venue/accommodation – Yoyogi Olympic Center for the opening ceremony of TYCA Volume 4.

Ice-breaking activities lead by Betty helped the participants to get acquainted to one another.

  • Self-introduction game to remember participants’ name and hobbies
  • Lining up chronologically by birth date without speaking or making gestures

After the orientation, the Oki Dozen participants presented the history of Kinnya Monya dance and taught the dance to all participants, including some staff. Everyone danced joyfully clapping the rice spoons and singing “let’s all dance together”.


DAY-2 “Diversity & Identity”

The first program of the day was by Mr. Omori, presented on Japan and the turning points of its history. He talked about national flag, flowers, dressing, food and religion. He showed a video on 1964 Tokyo Olympics, which showed post-war Japan rebuilding and rapid development. The presentation contextualized this event and our conversation on progress.

At the Student Session, each participant presented their individual pre-assignments for TYCA and shared their dreams and expectations for this camp. Different focuses on sustainability were brought to light and hopes were voiced.

After the Student Session 2 and having lunch, Mrs. Hoshino introduced Sustainable Development Goals and their international activities to implement SDGs in governmental policies.



DAY-3 “Thinking about Sustainable Society(1)”

In the morning, Mrs. Edahiro presented on 5 different modules: (1) What to sustain, (2) Resilience, (3) Backcasting, (4) Systems Thinking, and Happiness. The lecture continues by Dr. Ishibashi, who presented how technology has progressed through history and the role it plays in everyday life.

The participants headed to the Toshiba Science Museum, showing the participants how Toshiba’s technologies have developed throughout history and future potential technologies. Students could get hands-on-experience of cutting edge technology/history and science.

At the end of the day…it was Christmas Eve…! Santa who speaks Dutch came to Yoyogi Olympic Center with presents! All participants enjoyed cream puffs!


DAY-4 “Thinking about Sustainable Society(2)”

As part of thinking about sustainability, the TYCA participants visited 1 of the 21 incineration plants that exist in Tokyo 23 wards. Headed back to the Yoyogi Olympic Center, Mrs. Kishi from Keio and Keio students presented the game Logy&Nomy to participants of TYCA and they learned both economical development and ecological preservation.


DAY-5 “How to make the world better?”

Participants took a break while working on their presentation and went on a test drive of the Honda Clarity –a hydrogen fuel cell electric car. It was their first time to ride this alternative energy fueled vehicle and observed how smooth, quiet, and energy efficient it is. Everybody enjoyed the refreshing ride and the ability to experience first-hand cutting edge technology.



DAY-6 “Vision of future Asia 2040”

A cold but perfect  day to visit Meiji Jingu Shrine, the participants took a walk into the Meiji Jingu forest where they could experience the biodiversity of this man-made forest. The participants learnt about the history of the shrine thanks to Mr. Omori.

And the presentation preparation by Dr. Ishibashi and Mr. Omori continued most of the day for the next day.


DAY-7 “Final Presentation – Commitment to Next Action”


The high point of TYCA Volume 4. Each T,Y,C,A team made their final presentation towards their Vision. Guests from several organizations and embassies also attended the final presentation and got to ask to ask questions to the students about their presentation.

See more details on Final Presentaion.



DAY-8 “Departure”

Time to say good bye. Despite the early time, all the students and advisers headed together to the bus stop to say farewell to their friends.