TYCA Alumni Reunion 2021

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Toshiba International Foundation and ASJA International held the first reunion for TYCA alumni and advisors in its 8 year history of TYCA by inviting all the alumni and advisors who joined the past 6 volumes.
The organizers hosted the event from the broadcast studio in downtown Tokyo, connecting alumni and advisors of the 10 ASEAN countries and Japan over Zoom. A total of 42 alumni and 18 advisers joined this reunion, and renewed their friendship, and caught up with each other, reporting their latest activities.




Mr. Omori first made an opening speech by welcoming the audience with words of appreciation to joining the event; quickly reflected the past footsteps of TYCA up until TYCA web project 2020; and pronounced his commitment to continued support for this invaluable community.

Then, Mr. Kazuhisa Matsuoka, secretary general of ASJA International, reiterated the achievements and significance of the TYCA programs, and the importance of heart-to-heart communications, and expectations for the continued reinforcement of this invaluable network to harness the future generation of ASEAN and Japanese leaders.


Professor Naoki Ishibashi of Musashino University, one of the founders of TYCA, remarked that, despite huge negative influences of Covid-19, latest advances of technology, especially the internet technologies, allowed us to connect with each other beyond the barrier of physical distances.


Snapshots of each volume was shown during the reunion.


The reunion moved onto the remarks of some alumni and advisors appointed beforehand who spoke about their latest activities, followed by the mingling breakout session for all the participants, divided by individual volume in which they originally participated. It was highly encouraging for all to learn those alumni and advisers are actively  pursuing their individual goals and dreams, despite many negative influences of Covid-19.
Alumni representatives reported their latest activities and their plans.


Four advisors made resresentative remarks wishing well for all the alumni.

Mr. Myo Khin (Myammer)
Myanmar Association of Japan Alumni
Ms. Min Fong Choo (Malaysia)
Ms. Trang Nguyen Huyen (Vietnam)
University of Languages and International Studies- VNU, Hanoi
Mr. Takayuki Enomoto (Japan)
Waseda University Senior High School


Mr. Omori then introduced the overview and the objectives of the upcoming events during FY2021, and the event was concluded by the heart-warming speech by Ms. Chikako Hagihara, manager of ASJA International.


After the reunion, the voices were filled with such voices as “It’s good to be reminded of the vision of the TYCA program again,” “Knowing TYCA friend’s current activities or dreams were exciting and was a good chance to think of my future,” and “Good opportunity to reconnect virtually despite the pandemic.”




Project title TYCA Alumni Reunion
Purpose As the TYCA’s first reunion event, share updates and renew friendships.
Share the purpose of the 2021 project and have a common understanding of the project.
Theme Go beyond imagination!
Date Dec 26, 2021 (Sat.) 14:30-17:45 JST
Location Over Zoom
Participants TYCA Alumni and advisors
Organizer Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO), ASJA International
Production BeGood Cafe (Non-profit Organization)