TYCA Social Grant 2017 – Winners

We are honored to announce the winners of TYCA Social Grant 2017!

Their reports and pictures will be coming up on http://tyca.asia/tycagrant/

1. Christine Abigail Tolentino

Name: Christine Abigail Tolentino
Country: Philippines
Year: Participant of TYCA Vol.3
Project’s name: PAK, Go Green! Community Advocacy(PAK = Pilipino, Aaksyon Ako / Filipino, I will act)
Project’s purpose: The purpose of the entirety of this project is to improve my community’s environment and the lifestyle of its citizens. This project is also aimed towards the Vision 2040 created by my team, TYCA Volume 3’s Group C.



2. Chalisa Sangjan

Name: Chalisa Sangjan
Country: Thailand
Year: Participant of TYCA Vol.3
Project’s name: Learning of environment awareness for kidsProject’s
Project’s purpose: 1.Improve children learning by donating education supply and sporting goods to poor children in rural area
2.Provide knowledge to children about environmental awareness by creating activities about environment, pollution and global warming


The “TYCA Social Grant”
Established to provide grants for the social and cultural contribution activities and international exchange activities of participants in the Toshiba Youth Club Asia (hereinafter referred to as TYCA). Further, the program shall be continued in the future.

Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO)
Toshiba Thailand Foundation (TTFD)
NPO BeGoodCafe(BG)